Support Fresh Hope

Let us introduce ourselves...

Fresh Hope is a small local charity, centred in Cheltenham, that is looking to support, sponsor and/or implement a series of project aimed at blessing and enhancing the communities in which we live. It is not a church, but it does have a Christian ethos and culture. This has a big influence on how and why we undertake projects but has little influence on what the projects are and no influence on who we seek to bless through these projects.

We love community

Fresh Hope seeks to find, sponsor and support individuals and teams who have an idea for a project that will bless and enhance the community. Rarely will a project emerge from the trustees and management of Fresh Hope itself. The projects have a broad range of people who they are seeking to bless, but each one will always be thinking about the vulnerable, whether young, old or in-between. We are also interested in seeing projects interact with each other and with other charities and initiatives. We have a collaborative and inclusive culture, where we will seek to fill gaps and work with others, rather than seeking to replicate or compete with what is already happening.

Fresh Hope brings a number of skills to each project, but perhaps the most compelling is project management. We have an increasing number of people with a track record for making things happen, and wish to share this with each project leader(s) to really make a difference. We want to do things properly, with a vision of being more than a corporate entity not falling short of what businesses do.

Thank you for your support

So how can you help us?

Well obviously with financial support, but also you may know individuals who have projects that they would like to take forward. But we want to do more. We would like to partner with corporate and other organisations to help them to fulfil their Corporate Social Responsibility. This could be in the form of regular volunteer slots, opportunities for management and other teams to serve together from time to time, as well as exposing employees to some of the challenges that the vulnerable in society face, increasing both empathy and understanding.

If you would like to find out more about what Fresh Hope is about we would love to come and talk to you.