Updates from the Fresh Hope projects May 2022

Well, here we are with more updates from the Fresh Hope projects. Another month has come and gone, and there’s a positive atmosphere around with the approach of summer, and the appearance of the sun! Often it can be easy to focus on a lack of major events as encouragements, but we are constantly reminded that the slow growth and the process of building community around us is the much more sustainable source of encouragement. This is the theme from the updates from the Fresh Hope projects this month, where there may not be much of a ‘wow’ factor, there is the constant reminder of why we do what we do : To see our communities united and transformed, radiating hope and compassion by God’s love.

See School House Cafe Update

See The Armoury Fitness Club Update

See Voices Together Community Choir Update

School House Cafe

Update from Cheryl

The cafe felt quiet over Easter but now that students have returned, footfall has increased again. We’ve also seen a big influx in hall bookings which we have been providing drinks, cakes and food for. The team were fantastic whilst Cheryl was away and our new team members are settling in well to the team. 

The team is going through a really large transitional time at the moment, with four of our team moving on to new adventures in the next couple months and we will be welcoming in a new manager at some point.

We are welcoming a new star college volunteer for 6 weeks. It has been great to see our relationship with the Star College start to grow again after the pause caused by Covid. Recently they organised a visit for a number of students to come in on their day trip for drinks.

The Armoury Fitness Club

Update from Jamie

This week (May 16th-21st) is Armoury Open Week!

The doors opened and in the people came, we had 40 people at Mixed Hiit last night. They then stayed and had a smoothie and shake from our pop up cafe.(great success) goes without saying how much they help each other. Couple of people have signed up already and few are thinking about it after the free week. Lots of people saying they’ve never seen a gym with a community like this. I am so proud of
the team and the members who are being so welcoming.

We have a lot planned for the week including new classes and the social on the Wednesday evening. Hoping for record breaking numbers this week at that.

The help from both the team and members in the last few days has been wonderful. Looking forward
to a big report next time on what has happened this week.

Voices Together Community Choir

Update from Rachel

With people either being away, or being ill, this month has felt a bit stop-start. But there is an underlying encouragement in this with many of our community commenting on how much they miss our gatherings on weeks where we are unable to meet. For me, this really underlines the joy and community that the group seems to bring to lots of our members.

Thank You!

Thank you to everyone who supports these projects.

Check back next month where we will bring you more updates from the Fresh Hope Projects