News from our community projects – April 2022

With life finally hitting some sense of normality post Covid-19, there is still a great sense of anxiety all around us. Whilst we cannot do much about the news headlines hitting our screens, we believe that focussing on the encouragements in the day to day life is key to keeping our heads up.

Below is some positive news from our community projects – School House Cafe, The Armoury and Voices Together Community Choir

School House Cafe is our community first cafe

School House Cafe

Update from Cheryl

We have seen many of our regular customers return more frequently which has been really lovely to see. One of our weekly volunteers has recently found a new job, we are very excited about her future!

We have also have had two new members of staff join our team who will predominantly work on Saturdays.

The Armoury

Update from Jamie

Thankyou so much for all of your prayers and encouragement few things to report with the  Armoury this month!

We have had some brilliant times together in the 4 walls of the church. Who would have thought it a year ago…now every monday after spin we load the weights into a wheel barrow and carry them  into the church building for two of our highest attended classes LBT and Mens HIIT. Once a month now we mash these together and do “mixed hiit” which is always a roaring success and ends in a  pub trip afterwards. Community has never been stronger. 

Voices Together Community Choir

Update from Rachel

Choir has continued on Tuesdays and we’ve finally been able to get some Friday rehearsals going again  which has been great! It continues to be a really fun and friendly atmosphere, and we are even having a  first ‘social’ as a group in a couple of weeks’ time as one of the members has their birthday on the day and  wanted us all to join them in celebrating – to me, this was such a lovely example of how much of a  community we are becoming.

Thank you!

Thank you to everyone who supports these projects.

Check back next month where we will bring you more encouragements from our community projects next month!