Updates from across the Fresh Hope Projects – February 2022

School House Cafe

Update from Cheryl

As usual January was quite a quiet month in the cafe. We’ve enjoyed the time to breathe and are ready and excited for things to pick up again. We now have a good understanding who our new regulars are and we’re hopeful to see this group grow.

Our plans for a new token scheme to help support and feed vulnerable adults in Cheltenham are going well. The hope is to launch the scheme around Easter. On Mondays and Wednesdays from 3pm-4pm vulnerable adults will be able to redeem their tokens for a bap and hot drink. Churches will buy the tokens from the cafe and then sell them to their congregations to hand out to people they think
would benefit from them.

The Armoury Fitness Club

Update from Jamie

Luke has now completed his Personal Trainer exams and we are looking forward to him joining us on a more regular basis, Personal Training with clients and leading classes. He is now helping out the diocese in Minchinhampton too.

Jigsaw + Fareshare

Update from Kath

Jigsaw Drop in continues to welcome mothers and their children in the cafe on Mondays. We are so encouraged by the regulars and that word seems to be spreading that we have restarted.

At Fareshare we are continuing to build up our relationship with this community, with chats over tea and coffee on Fridays.
We also have a “Make Lunch” planned for Febrauary 22nd.

Fresh Hope Fitness

Update From Holly

From the beginning I felt like I needed to take an ‘organic’ approach to marketing, relying on word of mouth and referral. I wanted to evolve with the groups, allow attendees to feel like they belonged and create a safe, loving community, where each individual is known.

I am so thankful that we have good class numbers every week for Friday Fitness and a thriving community is developing. After the workout we have tea and coffee and then every week a few of us head on to Boston tea party for brunch. We are starting to see some individuals engaging with other courses offered by the churches with whom we partner.

I think all these encouragements show the importance of a good relationship with Churches and them understanding our vision.

Voices Together Choir

Update From Rachel

Two new ladies came and tried out the Tuesday group this week. They found us through a Facebook post about local singing groups in which one of our existing member commented about the choir. I was able to invite them along, so praise God for technology!

Despite the Fridays not being on a lot yet, we’ve also had a couple of new people wanting to join this rehearsal through my St Paul’s connections, so praise God for growth on Fridays too!

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